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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Prepping inside

PJ is preparing the inside of the Metro Van for something really special. PJ got an idea to utilize a product that isn't really made for automotive purposes on the inside of the ice cream van.

This is also a great opportunity to get up to speed with all the changes happening inside the van. Here you can see the inner wall the PJ built for structural integrity and to hold the seat belts in.

Here is an interior view of the serving window that PJ cut out of the side of the van and framed in.

And finally, here is the sealed up box that PJ built for the generator. Get a good look because the interior is about to make some drastic changes!

The cone

Want to get weird looks from your UPS or FedX delivery person? Get a 7ft ice cream cone shipped to your shop! (Want weird looks from your friends, take a photo with your new cone!)

PJ had to rig up some interior structural bracing so the ice cream cone can withstand winds up to 100 miles an hour.... From the wind.... Not at all related to driving to fast!

We are all SO excited that "the cone" is here and in its proper place on the Metro Van.