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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rear Bumper

When I found the metro van in a field, it did not have it's rear bumper.
 It is possible to find a Metro Van bumper but I don't think they looks cool enough for this project. So, I found a 55 Chevrolet truck bumper and thought it fit the body lines of the Metro Van perfectly .........but it wasn't wide enough to fit the Van. No worries! I cut one 55 Chevy truck bumper in half and bought a second 55 Chevy truck bumper and used it to fill in the center!
After I got the look (and the width) that I needed for the Metro Van's bumper, I had to lift up and lower the body to check the fit of the bumper braces that I made. 
Now that everything is finished and fitted, I can finally send the bumper and all the other chrome pieces to be re-chromed. 

Friday, July 24, 2015


The old Metro Van grill shell was not repairable so I made a new one. This is a main focal point of the vehicle do it is important to met hat it looks just right.
Getting the look I want includes doing the bodywork to get the grill to fit perfectly.

Now that I have finished the bodywork, I am ready to wet sand and paints and send the rest off to be re-chromed. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rebuilt Hinges

Before Eurothane primer I need to get the doors hung and fitted.
The original hinges (like lots of things on the Metro Van) were worn out. You can't buy these hinges anymore so my only choice was to rebuild them.  I stripped them, resized the holes, basically lots of grinding and welding and fabrication work. 
It'll all be worth it when I can actually open and close the doors!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bodywork finished

Wow! It's been a busy few months at B-rod (finishing some really cool cars for our customers) so work on the ice cream van has slowed. 
Now that most of the spring/summer car shows are behind us, it's time to jump back on the metro van and get ready for something really exciting. 
I have been asked to participate in the HRIA Posie's Driven Dirty Tour for 2015. I was in this amazing cross country caravan in its first year and they invited me back for the tenth anniversary this year! So now I have a MAJOR deadline. The Metro Van has to be finished and ready to drive to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas by the end of October. 
So here's where we are at. The body work is DONE! Can you see how straight that side is? I'm pretty proud of the work so far and ready to sand and get it in Eurothane Primer.