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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time to Get BLASTED!

You know that part of a home renovation where you have your idea for what you want to build, but first you get to take a sledgehammer and rip out all the old junk that isn't needed? That's where we are at on the Metro Van!

The front suspension was a dangerous straight axel. GONE! The plan is to replace it with a new sub frame complete with disk brakes and power steering. Most importantly, loosing the front suspension will allow for lowering the van and giving it the cool look that PJ wants.

Pretty soon the Metro Van was ready to go to sand blasting. You can see the before and after pics here.

Now the fun begins! It's time to take the van back to the shop where PJ can cut out all the old rust and start fabricating new parts.


  1. Loving the work!!

    It's looking real nice!

    Any chance of getting some close ups from your front end?
    Are you still running the OG chassis?
    How did you lower the rear?


  2. Thanks for the complement.
    I did not use the original suspension. What I used was a 1994 S10 front clip. On the back I used a 1959 Ford Galaxy rear end with a Pete and Jake 4 link suspension with coil over springs and air bags.
    When I take the body back off the frame, I'll post some pictures that show the front end.