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Monday, November 2, 2015

Getting Ready for SEMA

So, we were posting quite a bit over the summer and then the push to get the Metro Ban ready for SEMA got SERIOUS!  
Well, for PJ it was serious. The kids managed to have some fun, especially when it was warm and daddy was wet sanding! But daddy was ALWAYS at the shop and everyone was too busy to fool around much with pictures. 
If the kids wanted to see daddy, we went to the shop where he worked his regular job during the day, then worked on the ice cream truck until it was really late. Things were happening, but it was hard to see for a while and the , suddenly, within a very short span of time.....

The PAINT was applied and the ice cream truck came alive! This was only a few days before PJ had to leave for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. 
Suddenly everyone could see what PJ's vision had been all along!


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